Jonah was born three years ago and it has been a busy time leading to a nap.

Jonah napping on his birthday.

It was May 16th 2019 in the birthing center for Guide Dogs For The Blind. Sire Blake (yellow Lab) and Dame Scout (black Lab) had their “date of fun” some 63 to 65 days ago. The litter of that union and day produced (among others) a little black Labrador puppy. He would be given the name of Jonah.

Little JONAH was headed for a dedicated puppy raiser. She took him to school, socialized, and taught him basic obedience.

Young JONAH was transferred back to the GDB campus. There he was tested and evaluated by skilled trainers. It was determined that JONAH had “the right stuff” to become a guide dog.

It was about this time that John’s application was approved. The GDB folks surveyed their guides for a match for John.

The rest is history. The fact is that the little black Labrador puppy named JONAH born on May 16, 2019 would three years later on May 16, 2022 be taking a nap after a happy day of being John’s guide dog.