Clapton.GaWy_650x360ERIC CLAPTON ON CROSSCURRENTS, 3/30:  Having the nickname “Slowhand,” Eric Clapton was born on this date in 1945, he became known for his energetic, precise, and bold guitar work.  Gavin and Wyatt pose next to their hero in hopes of a biscuit.  You can join Clapton’s birthday party with “yard birds” flying in “blind faith” through “cream” toward “dominos”  on Crosscurrents, 3/30 at 8 a.m.


“GIVE ME LIBERTY…” ON CROSSCURRENTS, 3/23:  Patrick Henry, asserting his case against British tyranny on this date in 1775 before a Virginia colonial convention, concluded by declaring: “As for me, give me liberty or give me death.”  Gavin and Wyatt watch as Henry proclaims his immortal words which inspired the American revolution as John gathers his music playlist which provoked the radio show.  There is no need to revolt against the empire, rather we invite you to mark Patrick Henry’s speech by listening to Crosscurrents, 3/23 at 8 a.m.Henry.GaWy2_650x360_edited-1

Handel on Crosscurrents, 2/23

Becoming famous for his operas and concertos, the baroque composer and keyboard virtuoso, George Handel spent most of his career in England though born in German on this date in 1685. Wyatt tries to get a handle on Handel while Gavin composes himself underneath the composer’s keyboard. You are invited to join John and some jazz and R&B keyboard artists for a birthday tribute to George Handel on Crosscurrents, 2/23 at 8 a.m.Handel.GaWy2_650x360