Rhetorical Traffic Pedestrian Advice.

“Rhetorical questioning is…a fairly conscious technique adopted by a speaker for deliberate ends, and it is used infrequently, proportional to the length of the dialogue, oration, or conversation.” ~~~ Boyd, Boyd (1997). Albany: State University of New York Press.

The optimal response is polite acceptance. ~~~ Doggedly Yours

Jonah and I were about to proceed down the sidewalk. A man stopped us and inquired, “Did you just cross the street up the block?”

He was outraged that a vehicle continued into the intersection failing to yield to us. With exasperation in his voice, he inquired “Did you know?”

Unfortunately, I did not see the vehicle violation since…

…I am blind.

Fortunately, we avoided the drivers transgression in large part because…

…Jonah is a guide dog with good eyes.