Light My Fire and Robert Bunsen, 1811 March 30th

Gavin and Wyatt stay clear of Robert Bunsen’s statue.

Robert Wilhelm Bunsen, born March 30 1811, German chemist about 1859 observed that each element emits a light  of characteristic wavelength. Such studies opened the field of spectrum analysis, which became of great importance in the study of the Sun and stars and also led Bunsen almost immediately to his discovery of two alkali-group metals, cesium and rubidium.

Robert Bunsen discovered the antidote to arsenic  poisoning. Years later, it saved his life. He invented the zinc-carbon battery ; and invented one of the most fruitful scientific methods in history: spectroscopy , which were used to discover the elements cesium and rubidium.  Spectroscopy originated through the study of visible light  dispersed according to its wavelength. His name is best remembered for his invention of the clean-burning Bunsen burners  used in laboratories worldwide.


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