It sounded like… dodgy mechanism… though was my guide.

It sounds sort of like….

We have all had an occasion when a noise turns out not to be what we initially thought. Such was the case recently for me during a recent exercise session.

There I was at the fitness center making an effort to maintain some modest degree of sturdiness. Actually, I would be satisfied with a degree of health whether sturdy or not.

All of a sudden, I heard an odd noise below my feet near the mechanism of the elliptical exercise apparatus. I assumed the gadget was faulty which would curtail my work out.

It was then that I realized the bizarre noise was not emanating from the machine, but rather was the result of my trusty guide dog who was yawning as he napped on the floor.

Jonah had completed his workout by guiding me to the gym. It was now my turn to exercise. Jonah’s yawn designed nap time, and was not cause for me to stop.