College Bowl Games: Where There Are Wins and No Losses

College Bowl Season is nearly concluded. There are winners and losers in some games with some odd names, including:

Bad Boy Mowers -Pinstripe Bowl | New York: Gophers dig under The Orange

Cheez-It Bowl | Orlando, Florida: Seminoles victorious over Sooners

Duke’s Mayo Bowl | Charlotte, North Carolina:Tarapins swim passes Wolfpack

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl / Boise, Idaho : Eagles fly over Spartans

College Song Mix ( Everybody loves a marching band )

However, there is one bowl game in which there are TWO WINNERS and NO LOSERS, namely…

Jonah and Wyatt join in the DOG BOWL
(in which there is no underdog.)

…namely: in the DOG BOWL where there are FULL and NO EMPTY stomachs.

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