Dual Barkers or Masters Of The House

It seems that the new Master-Speaker Of The House has his very own theme song, to wit:

Everyone Raise A Glass To The Master-Speaker Of The House

“Kevin McCarthy Wins the Speakership After Incredible Floor Drama” – The Daily Beast

“McCarthy concessions to win Speakership raise eyebrows” – The Hill

“Kevin McCarthy wins speaker race after a grueling 4 days and 15 rounds of voting” – CBS News

Sadly, they missed the chance for Speakership which was sharp, smart, dedicated, and devoted, as the House could have had “dual leadership” with…

Jonah and Wyatt as Speaker (or Barker) Of The House (aka Kennel)

3 thoughts on “Dual Barkers or Masters Of The House

  1. I vote for Jonah as Speaker. He looks more intelligent than the human one. Wyatt can prepare for the presidental election. We need someone with his unique abilities. This will be such an improvement all around. Are you his campaign manager?

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  2. Our Angel Lexi would have been a perfect president. She even pardoned squirrels. In her place, we will vote for Wyatt and Jonah! And we thought your song was fun. XOX Xena, Lucy, Riley and Chia who’s shouting that she wants to be president

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