He found the door to the kitchen. Nice try, Jonah.

It is a favorite restaurant with fine food, a lovely view, and staff who likes dogs. We arrived to purchase a gift card. A nice waiter directed s to the bartender who handles such things. Everyone in the bar enjoyed Jonah’s presence as a unique addition.

The model airplanes hanging from the ceiling are an added bonus.

After the gift card purchase, I told Jonah, “Right about turn. Jonah, find the door.” Well, he lead me out of the bar without problem. He was headed to the door, when a nice waitress said, “He found the door, though it is the door to the kitchen”

Kitchen Music Mix:
Lil Ed joins Jonah the kitchen.
This could have been a health code violation.

I joked that from Jonah’s perspective “the kitchen” door could be “the correct” door. We laughed. The door outside was soon located and we successfully exited. We had purchased our gift card…and entertained the staff.

6 thoughts on “He found the door to the kitchen. Nice try, Jonah.

    1. The staff was very nice. Jonah was sorry that we did make it into the kitchen. Thanks for commenting.


  1. I love how you present events in your life (especially costarring Jonah) by conveying them in a thoughful, entertaining manner. You are a communicator by nature, effectively connecting with others in several ways. Good on you, bro! xo

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