New Year and New Season: “All Creatures Great And Small”

All Creatures Great And Small second season begins on January 9, 2022.

I applaud PBS for their decision to provide us with much-needed tranquility. Not because it is witless or a simple diversion. Rather, the All Creatures tales are a piece of humanity that are centered on a look at the good rather than the bad of what we can be.

In their mellow nature, the characters have a vibrant center. The story lines emanate from the daily lives of friends and neighbors who live and work together with kindness, generosity, and goodwill.

Yorkshire Dales and Skeldale House in Darrowby are back. Gorgeous scenery, adorable animals, and fundamentally nice people…who respect the land, care for animals, and support eachother.

~~~HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022~~~

9 thoughts on “New Year and New Season: “All Creatures Great And Small”

  1. I love this series . I have read the books and been watching the tv series for many years I am looking forward to the new series very much.. I agree that its appeal lies in the positive approach it takes to life even in the darker and difficult times. Happy New Year to you and the dogs.

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    1. This is the second season for this new version of the show as you know. I hope the season is as good as the first season was last year. Thanks for commenting.

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