Beekeeping, World Bee Day, and Anton Janša (1734.05.20)

Bees.GaWy2 copy2

The Austrian Empress Maria Theresa selected Anton Janša to the job of permanent instructor of apiculture at the new School of Beekeeping in Vienna. He was renowned even before his death in 1773. After 1775, national beekeeping tutors had to impart the topic in harmony with his traditions and approaches.

The Janša family was not wealthy, but three Janša brothers constructed an art studio in a barn, got noted by the village priest, and were sent to Vienna, the capital of the Hapsburg Empire, which ruled Slovenia in this age. One of the brothers became an arts professor. Another became a beekeeper. The royal beekeeper.

The potential for bad jokes are endless, such as “to BEE or not to BEE,” or “That will BEE the day,” or finallly “BEE my guest.”  OK, I realize that I should stop and just BUZZ off.

WORLD BEE DAY ON KRNN, 5/20 at 8am:  The U.N. signifies World Bee Day to coincide with the birthday of Slovenian beekeeper, the pioneer of modern apiculture, Anton Janša born in 1734.  We hope you will “bee” able to “buzz” by to Crosscurrents, 5/20 at 8 am.

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