Joseph Heller (1923.05.01)


JOSEPH HELLER ON CROSSCURRENTS, 5/1:  The satirical novel “Catch-22” was authored by Joseph Heller born of this date in 1923.  The Heller birthday has your seat reserved on a B-25 with the only “catch” of tuning into Crosscurrents, 5/1 at 8 am.

Playlist may include:  Blowing in the Wind; Universal Soldier; Waist Deep in the Big Muddy;  Ain’t Marching Anymore; Times They Are A Changing;  Jerusalem; Fish Cheer;  Ohio;  All Along the Watch Tower;  Fortunate Son;  Turn Turn Turn; Volunteers of America;  Generals and Majors;  Orange Crush;  Catch-22;  Fiddle and the Drum;  Give Peace a Chance;  Give Me Love; For What Its Worth;  Whats Going On Here;  and… The Wall (along with some other crazy surprises)

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