“Death And Transfigurations” by Strauss and The Concert Floor by Jonah


…At the symphony concert enjoying Strauss’ work titled “Death And Transfigurations“. It brings to mind the eternal question, namely: What is at the end of Life on earth?

In its exploration of that most universal of questions – what lies waiting for us all at the end of the road – Strauss’s Death and Transfiguration was a decidedly ambitious venture. By the time of its premiere in 1890, Strauss had already proven himself a master of orchestration and sound painting with the first few of his self-titled tone poems.

Strauss himself had adopted a decidedly secular worldview as a teenager, he brilliantly depicted the physiological and psychological states of a dying man with almost scientific precision, using the most advanced orchestrations and harmonies of his time.

As the orchestra was about to begin, one thing became clear to Jonah. And that is that what ever is at the end of the road…

…before the concert reveals what is at the end of the road, ….

…you need to spend some time on the concert floor.

SOURCE: ~Eric Dudley, DMA Yale University; Calvin Dotesy, Houston Symphony