JAMES WICKERSHAM ON CROSSCURRENTS, 8/24:  Lawyer, politician, and jurist, James Wickersham, born on this date in 1857, made lasting imprints on Alaska’s government, commerce, and heritage.  Gavin and Wyatt visit Judge Wickersham listening to the radio in his Juneau home.  It will be a honor for John to celebrate pioneer Alaska frontier justice on the birthday of James Wickersham on Crosscurrents, 8/24 at 8 a.m.


  1. Gavin and Wyatt have a truly remarkable ability to be on the scene for many important world events – both in black-and-white and in color! They manage time traveling as well as intercontinental jaunts! One can only imagine other possible scenes in which G&W retrospectively turn out to be present. Were they, for example, in the White House closet with President Harding and his paramour, and if so, what was their reaction? It’s a lot of ethical responsibility for a person, much less a dog, to behave appropriately if one finds oneself in the wrong closet at the right time.

    I take it as obvious that close examination of Botticelli’s painting will reveal G&W on the edge of Aphrodite’s seashell. Clever dogs!



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