We Do Our Best To Entertain The Radio Audience.

Johan and I enjoy producing our live radio show on our local public media station. It is a fun time for both of us. However, one sometimes wonders about the audience.

Good evening, ladies and gentleman. My name is Orson Welles. I am an actor. I am a writer. I am a producer. I am a director. I am a magician. I appear onstage and on the radio. Why are there so many of me and so few of you? ~~~ Orson Welles

We do our best to entertain and amuse the patrons. The program intends to be a pleasant diversion for those out there.

Anytime in radio that you can reach somebody on an emotional level, you’re really connecting. ~~~ Casey Kasem

On the one hand, the listeners might be singing along with the tunes played on the air. On the other hand, the assemblage (or at least, Wyatt) might be sleeping.

For the sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle and yet most of the audience still sleeps. ~~~ John Lennon