Wyatt & Jonah plus The Blues Brothers “Me and the Lord We Have An Understanding”

Dogs and Soul Brothers on a quest to save their soul.

Blues Brothers Movie Trailer (edited
HOLIDAY SOUL: Winter festivals seek to restore and redeem one’s soul. We propose a “radio soul food cafe” with John curating the soul music from Chicago with special “guests” The Blues Brothers at the holiday week begins on Crosscurrents Monday Dec. 19th at 8:00 AM. Listen live at www.KRNN.org, 102.7fm, or 103.1fm.
It is 106 mods to Chicago. We have a full tank of gas. Ir is dark and we are wearing sunglasses.

In search of holiday soul or soul food? Looking for fine soul music? While we can not promise that your soul will be redeemed, we do plan an excellent show coming Monday Dec.19th at 800 AM Alaska time. Listen live at www.KRNN.org, 102.7fm, or 103.1fm.

Wyatt and Jonah check out a car while Elwood and Jake guard the car…and not just any car…it’s old cop car.

Fix the cigarette lighter.
Give me four fried chickens and a coke.
Finally, the Jake and Elwood find their soul food while Wyatt and Jonah keep a watchful eye out the window.
I Me and the Lord, …we have an understanding.

Finally, the gang finds Soul Music Salvation.

Soul music mix in three minutes