Sir William Blackstone (1723.07.10)


SIR WILLIAM BLACKSTONE ON CROSSCURRENTS, 7/10:  The famous English jurist Sir William Blackstone born on this date in 1723 is remembered for his “Commentaries on the Laws of England”, an attempt to provide a culturally wide-ranging review of English law.  No need to pass the bar, or be in a bar, as you are invited and simply need to tune in the Blackstone birthday on Crosscurrents, 7/10 at 8 am.



ROSE BIRD ON CROSSCURRENTS, 11/2:  Becoming the first woman to serve as chief justice of the California Supreme Court, Rose Bird born on this date in 1936, led a progressive majority of the court strengthening environmental laws, consumer protections, and individual rights.  Gavin and Wyatt stand before the bar with Justice Bird on the bench.  You can become a “friend of the court” by joining John as he pleads his case for a Justice Bird birthday tribute on Crosscurrents, 11/2 at 8 a.m.



JAMES WICKERSHAM ON CROSSCURRENTS, 8/24:  Lawyer, politician, and jurist, James Wickersham, born on this date in 1857, made lasting imprints on Alaska’s government, commerce, and heritage.  Gavin and Wyatt visit Judge Wickersham listening to the radio in his Juneau home.  It will be a honor for John to celebrate pioneer Alaska frontier justice on the birthday of James Wickersham on Crosscurrents, 8/24 at 8 a.m.