Betwixt and Between.

This time of year is always odd. We are caught half way between two major holidays. Wednesday is always a mid-week event between weekends. This year Wednesday December 28th has the additional status of post Xmas and pre New Year. Sort of like being halfway or almost there, and being…..


4 thoughts on “Betwixt and Between.

  1. I love this post-Christmas time. New Years? Meh…. I stay in and cook good food for family. Which I just thought, is actually exactly what I do at Christmas. Happy & Healthy New Year to you & yours!

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  2. Both holidays falling on Sundays “suck” since I then have to go back to work the next day (even if the 26th was a legal holiday this year). Ok, ok, so I was and now am again off work Thursday and Friday before the holiday… I think I need my first cup of coffee of the morning!

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