Ellis Island National Immigration Museum dedicated September 26, 1972.

September 26, 1972…the day of dedication for the American Museum of Immigration.

Jonah and Wyatt are in the crowd at the dedication.

Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration is a living monument to the story of the American people. Housed inside the restored Main Building of the former immigration complex, the Museum documents the rich story of American immigration through a carefully curated collection of photographs, heirlooms, and searchable historic records.

Wyatt as an Australian Shepherd finds that Australian Immigration has just a few questions before a visa is approved.

Getting Past Aussie Immigration
Wyatt answers question from Aussie Immigration Department.

Jonah as a Labrador Retriever discovers that the Canadian Immigration Ministry has some inquiry before his passage.

Getting Past Canadian Immigratoon
Jonah responds to inquisition before travel to The Labrador Peninsula.

Sources: National Park Service; Foil, Arms & Hogg

3 thoughts on “Ellis Island National Immigration Museum dedicated September 26, 1972.

  1. Perhaps one day there will be an immigration museum along our southern border. Another testament to man’s inhumanity to man (and women and children)


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