Did Your Dog Request A Stop?

It is important to know where buttons are located in order that that does not get accidentally activated. Such was the case recently on our public bus

Jonah and I boarded the bus and sat in our normal location near the driver. Little did we know we were close to the “Request Stop Button.”

After a few blocks, the driver turned to ask, “Did your dog request a stop.” It seems he sat down near and activated the button meant for passengers with wheelchairs.

I apologized immediately. The driver smiled and said. “No problem. He is out of the way and that is what is important.”

15 thoughts on “Did Your Dog Request A Stop?

  1. This is hysterical, John. I am marveling at how well the dogs have adapted to their new siblings & enjoying their photos & your astute observations. Shelley & her dog Molly who only has an On button


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