Fiorello La Guardia (1882.12.11)


LAGUARDIA ON CROSSCURRENTS, 12/11:  Crusader all his life in the interests of the underprivileged and the oppressed, the three-time mayor of New York, Fiorello La Guardia was born on this date in 1882.  The mayor is hosting Gavin and Wyatt in his office.  John will be hosting a La Guardia celebration to which you are invited on Crosscurrents, 12/11 at 8 am.



GRAND CENTRAL ON CROSSCURRENTS, 2/1:  The engineering, architectural, and visionary transit center known as Grand Central Terminal was opened to the public on this date in 1913.  Gavin and Wyatt are dwarfed by the vast concourse.  You can travel via tunes with trains in timely fashion transmitted by transferring yourself to the Grand Central anniversary on Crosscurrents, 2/1 at 8 a.m.