Sir William Blackstone (1723.07.10)


SIR WILLIAM BLACKSTONE ON CROSSCURRENTS, 7/10:  The famous English jurist Sir William Blackstone born on this date in 1723 is remembered for his “Commentaries on the Laws of England”, an attempt to provide a culturally wide-ranging review of English law.  No need to pass the bar, or be in a bar, as you are invited and simply need to tune in the Blackstone birthday on Crosscurrents, 7/10 at 8 am.



JOHN GRISHAM ON CROSSCURRENTS, 2/8:  The best-selling author of legal fiction, John Grisham was born on this date in 1955.  Gavin and Wyatt sniff out some of Grisham’s best legal novels while John surveys tunes for a musical bibliography.  Unless you are summoned to appear in court, then you are invited to partake in the John Grisham birthday on Crosscurrents, 2/8 at 8 a.m.