Percival Lowell (1855.03.13)


PERCIVAL LOWELL ON CROSSCURRENTS, 3/13:  An astronomer who was fascinated by Mars, and projected the existence of Pluto, Percival Lowell was born on this date in 1855.  Gavin and Wyatt spot Lowell as he looks out from his observatory.  You are invited to detect the Lowell birthday on Crosscurrents, 3/13 at 8 am.


Galileo2 GaWy_650x360b

GALILEO ON CROSSCURRENTS, 2/15:  The scientist, astronomer, and philosopher, Galileo Galilee, was born on this date in 1564.  Gavin and Wyatt use Galileo’s telescope to observe the galaxy as John uses KRNN’s studio to play the music.  We hope the stars align sufficiently that you can observe the Galileo birthday on Crosscurrents, 2/15 at 8 a.m.



CARL SAGAN ON CROSSCURRENTS, 11/9:  Astronomer, “Cosmos” host, and “Contact” author, Carl Sagan, advocate for the grandeur of space exploration, was born on this date in 1934.  Gavin and Wyatt float upside down in the “cosmos” behind Carl Sagan while John makes “contact” with the radio studio.  You can join the stellar birthday party for Carl Sagan on Crosscurrents, 11/9 at 8 a.m.