On My Way to 2020: The penultimate day playlist of music.

(Wyatt and Gavin take one final look at 2019)

End of the Year Playlist

The computer software gathered a list of my “top songs” for the year. The significance was drawn from the number of time that I played the song on my computer. The radio show is only two hours in length. I needed to edit the song list in order that it would fit with the time allotted for the show. Believe it or not, I got all these songs into the show, plus time for NPR news, weather, public service announcements, and of course…my own brand of craziness. It was an eclectic list of recent and old tunes from a number of music genres and artists. I had a fun time with the show, Here is the playlists drawn from the weekly shows of 2019:

The Last Ride ( I’ll keep it simple, you keep it true, I owe …to you.)

ARTIST: Pretenders ( We take shelter in each other.)

One Fine Day ( …you’re gonna want me for your girl.)

ARTIST: The Chiffons

Be My Baby

ARTIST the Ronettes

 (Love Is Like A) Heat Wave

ARTIST: Martha Reeves & The Vandellas

Then He Kissed Me ( All those stars were shinning bright, and…)

ARTIST: The Crystals

I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)

ARTIST: Four Tops ( I love you and nobody else.)

Little Darlin’

ARTIST: The Diamonds

Ain’t Too Proud to Beg (…please don’t leave me, girl.)

ARTIST: The Temptations

Rocket 88

ARTIST: Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats

Boozophilia ( We’re getting down with the people, down in…

ARTIST: Low Cut Connie

All Is Not Lost


I’m Goin’ Down

ARTIST: Bruce Springsteen

Handsome ( Lord, thank god, I’m…thank god I’m so pretty.)

ARTIST: The Vaccines ( What a stroke of luck that I’m charming.)

I Don’t Know ( I’m get up in the morning, and…

ARTIST: The Sheepdogs ( Somebody, please help me.)

N17 ( I wish that I was on that…stonewalls and the grass is green.

ARTIST: The Saw Doctors ( Traveling with just my thoughts and dreams.)

Amnesia ( Don’t know who I am. Forgot my name.

ARTIST: Keith Richards

Cradle to the Grave (…no I won;t be a slave, to the mistakes I made.)

ARTIST: Squeeze ( and I wont go until I’m ready.)

Adiós Mexico ( …how I get along without you, I’ll never know.)

ARTIST: Texas Tornados

La Bamba

ARTIST: Ritchie Valens

México Americano (Mexican American)

ARTIST: Los Texmaniacs

Combine Harvester ( :Who loves you, baby. Come on let’s get together in perfect harmany)

ARTIST: The Wurzels ( I got a brand new…and I’ll give you the key.)

Silk Pyjamas ( When you think I’m with a mama, I’m home sitting in my…)

ARTIST: The Humblebums

It‘s Tight Like That

ARTIST: Bob Wallis’ Washboard Beaters

Don’t Let Me Rock You Daddy-O

ARTIST: Cranes Skiffle Group

One Thing ( There is only…and that thing is you.)

ARTIST: Tami Neilson ( It is ok, it’s alright, don’t you worry about a thing tonight.)

Blue Heeler ( He stood proud while folks just come and go.)

ARTIST: James Blundell ( If he could talk, he’d recall how they loved and died.)

The Way It Goes

ARTIST: Dave Mooney

The Road Goes On and On ( :I don’t care what you say, wouldn’t give you the time of day.)

ARTIST: Robert Earl Keen ( There is still time to win back some of your old friends.)

Baby Me Baby

ARTIST: Roger Miler

I Can’t Turn You Loose (…if I do I’m gonna loose my mind.

ARTIST: Otis Redding ( …I’m in love with you pretty thing.)

Hold On I’m Coming

ARTIST: Sam & Dave

In the Midnight Hour

ARTIST: Wilson Pickett

Maybellene ( You done started back doing the things you used to do.)

ARTIST: Chuck Berry

Soul Finger

ARTIST: The Bar-Kays

I’m On My Way ( …from misery to happiness, today.

ARTIST: The Proclaimers ( I’ll do my best to do the best I can.

A Real Cool Guy, Clarence Birdseye born 1886 December 11th

Born in 1886, Clarence Birdseye had a naturalist’s inquisitiveness, a love of food, and a strong business streak. At the age of ten, he was stalking and exporting live muskrats and coaching himself taxidermy. He studied science in college, but had to drop out for financial reasons. Forced to provision himself, he joined various scientific voyages that took him to remote places, including Labrador, where he spent several years in the fur trade.

The long Labrador winters also taught him what it was to crave fresh food, and introduced him for the first time in his life to frozen food that tasted good.

On all these trips he liked to experiment with whatever fresh food was on hand. In the Southwest, he ate slices of rattlesnake fried in pork fat. From Labrador, he wrote letters home that described exotic meals like lynx marinated in sherry, porcupine, polar bear meat and skunk.

Up until the 1920s in America, it was the food of last resort. But in Labrador he learned from the Inuit how to fish trout from holes in the ice and watch it freeze instantly in the air, which registered at 30 degrees below zero. And when it was cooked, it tasted like fresh trout.  It was the same with their meat and game, which they kept fresh for months in hard-packed snow. Birdseye’s quick-freezing process actually ended up creating 168 patents! These covered not only the freezing technique but also the packaging, type of paper used, and related innovations.

Model-A Ford at $395, 40hp, 60mph: 1927 December 2nd

On Dec. 2, 1927, the Model A Ford was introduced as the successor to the Model T. The price of a Model A roadster was $395.

In late November came the announcement that Americans had been waiting for: on December 2, 1927, the still-unnamed Ford automobile would be shown to the public, at locations revealed to each and every Ford dealer. Pricing was announced on December 1, the eve of the showing, and to the delight of potential buyers, the new Model A would be priced comparably to the  Model T. On the day of the car’s reveal, Ford News claimed that 10,534,992 people came to see the Model A, a number that represented 10 percent of the U.S. population at the time.

The Model A allowed buyers elegant styling (described as a “downsized Lincoln” by some), four-wheel brakes, improved fuel economy, a laminated safety glass windshield, hydraulic shock absorbers, and a 200.5-cu.in. four-cylinder engine rated at 40 horsepower, enough to deliver a top speed of 65 MPH. Seven body types were offered at launch, including Sport Coupe, Coupe, Roadster, Phaeton, Tudor sedan, Fordor sedan, and truck, and buyers could choose from four colors (Niagara Blue, Arabian Sand, Dawn Gray and Gun Metal Blue).

Deposits from anxious customers poured in, and in the first two weeks the automaker had reportedly accumulated 400,000 sales orders from dealers (adding to the thousands of orders that had been placed prior to the car’s reveal). Though the Model A would only be produced from 1927 through early 1932, Ford sold over 4.3 million examples, and the car would help Ford transition from pioneer to modern automaker. The Model A would also go on to inspire generations of collectors, hot rodders and shade tree mechanics, helping to popularize the hobby that we’ve all come to know and love.

Today there are an estimated 280 plus Model A car club chapters around the world (most of them being in the United States) The photos I took here of the original Model A’s are from cars that belong to a local club called the “Acorn Model A Club” located in the San Francisco Bay area, California.

In addition to a loyal following of Model A car clubs, the Model A is also a popular car today to be turned into a “street rod”. Many of these street rods are modified but the charm of the Model A body style is kept intact. Prices of Model A’s today can run 100 times the cost of what they were brand new!