Jonah Agrees With Buddy Guy: “Meet Me In Chicago”

Buddy Guy (the famed blues man) sings a song “Meet Me In Chicago” which includes the lyric, as follows:

“I got down a little bit of that down old music, Lord it’s been overdue. Got to get back to the windy city, with them funky ole sweet home blues….”

“Meet me in Chicago, baby I’ll show you around. Meet me in Chicago, let me take you downtown….”

The Blues Man himself… Buddy Guy

The Airline Travel Approval means Jonah will have the opportunity to see downtown Chicago.

Department of Transportation Approval Notice.

Jonah can only dream of meeting Buddy Guy.

Sweet Dreams, Jonah.

4 thoughts on “Jonah Agrees With Buddy Guy: “Meet Me In Chicago”

  1. Did I tell you that Michelle and I are going to Chicago on vacation in September?

    Oh and by the way, I saw Buddy Guy many years ago in. Club in Trenton NJ

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    1. You are so fortunate to have witnessed a blues master! Best wishes ..and thanks for your support.


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