For Wyatt and Jonah – Playing Is Important… Whether Or Not You Win Or Lose

“One should always play fairly when one has the winning cards.”
― Oscar Wilde

Then again… it sometimes is hard t tell when you (or the other player) have “the winning cards.” And any road, let’s remember…

“You can’t win unless you learn how to lose.” ~~~ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

6 thoughts on “For Wyatt and Jonah – Playing Is Important… Whether Or Not You Win Or Lose

  1. So, does that mean it’s ok to cheat when you DON’T have the winning cards? I have a story about that and dogs (of course it’s about dogs). I was boarding several dogs over the 4th of July one year…same dogs that always came to visit during that week, all from the same neighborhood. They had formed a circle in the kitchen…I saw this when I went out there to see what they were doing (everything was too quiet). In the center of the circle were two pups battling it out with a pull-toy. The pup that lost joined the circle and a different one went to the center, grabbed the dropped end of the pull-toy and the contest resumed. (I’m really not making this up.) I watched this happen over and over until the Jack Russell named Pistol lost. He went to the circle like the others, and watched as the next one-who was my blind schnauzer Freda- took up the toy and started to pull. Pistol walked up behind Freda and stuck his nose in her behind. It startled her so much that she dropped the pull-toy, which Pistol was counting on. Pistol then picked up the dropped end and started to pull. I saw Freda just stand there, and I could tell she was thinking. A moment later she stuck her nose up Pistol’s behind, as he had done to her and, of course, got the pull-toy back from him!

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