Looking vs. Seeing – from Jonah The Guide

THERE WE WERE… at the coffee shop with Thoreau.

“It’s not what you look at that matters; it’s what you see.” ~ ~ ~Henry David Thoreau

“Not much to look at from down here.” ~ remarks Jonah.

“There is lots more to see from up here.” ~ observes Jonah.

4 thoughts on “Looking vs. Seeing – from Jonah The Guide

  1. Jonah, is your new name Thoreau? Do you get paid with treats? Angel Lexi got paid like that for acting. She even got to pull the “treat” hotdog off the stick during one scene in the WOZ. We gotta think about what we can do to get paid in treats. XOX Xena
    You know, Xena, this post wasn’t about treats or getting paid, right? It’s about looking vs seeing. You know, like when Mom is “looking” for her phone and then suddenly “sees” it. Lucy
    I wonder if I’d get treats for finding her phone for her…. Xena

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