Guiding Automobile Drives Is Not In Jonah’s Work Assignment


…waiting at the pedestrian crosswalk when a car pulled up at theintersection. The driver leaned out the vehicle widow to ask, “Can you tell me whether the traffic light is green, cause my vision is blocked by the sun?”

He must not have noticed that he was asking a blind guy with a guide dog to help him see the traffic light. I did not think it prudent for a blind pedestrian to dispense optical instruction to a motorist.

And surely guiding vehicle operators is not part of Jonah’s work assignment.

3 thoughts on “Guiding Automobile Drives Is Not In Jonah’s Work Assignment

  1. My husband has a friend who is blind and he often drives him to various places. My husband said he thought that something new had been built at the place they were going to. He asked is friend if he had noticed it . His friend replied :”You do remember you’re asking this of a blind guy!” My husband said both of them laughed at this.


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