M/V Bliss Early Arrival Brings Seasonal Fatigue

The Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) ship “Bliss” arrived early this year beginning the 2023 cruise season with a predicted 1.6 Million Cruise Passengers!

My Norwegian ancestors might question the rationaliztion, explanation, and justification for naming the vessel “Bliss”.

The crowded sidewalks add obstacles, embodiments and constraints for a guide dog.

The crammed, stuffed, and packed sidewalks are all very tiresome… even to a professional like Jonah.

12 thoughts on “M/V Bliss Early Arrival Brings Seasonal Fatigue

  1. I will confess, I have taken cruises before but now loathe their presence for so many reasons. Sigh. There should be a better way to see the world. P. S. Thank you for swinging by the ‘Ranch’ and for the follow. We 💙 visitors.

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