Even dogs imitate their acclaimed and famous fellow canines.


…Jonah and I were enjoying our walk along the dock on a sunny day. We came upon the statue of the legendary dog, Patsy Ann. The two of us paused to enjoy the moment and reflect on the story.

Patsy Ann, a bull terrier who came to town in 1929, is Juneau’s most famous dog. Her remarkable life is celebrated in a sculpture of her likeness which sits on the downtown cruise ship dock, not far from her final resting place in Gastineau Channel.

Patsy Ann’s activities were recorded by Juneau’s daily newspaper: she wandered up and down the aisles of the Coliseum Theater during musical performances, she stopped by local shops for bits of food and her favorite candy bars, and she left her paw prints on a newly paved sidewalk on South Seward Street. Although she was deaf from birth, Patsy Ann had the ability to “hear” steamship whistles long before they came into sight and never failed to greet a ship. SOURCE: Travel Alaska, Juneau Conventions And Visitor Bureau

It appeared that Jonah was engrossed in thought.. He seemed to be absorbed in reflection. I wondered what was the focus f his attention. I suddenly realized that…

…that he was emulating the pose of the Patsy Ann statue.

5 thoughts on “Even dogs imitate their acclaimed and famous fellow canines.

  1. Jonah, are you trying to get Juneau to make a statue of you, too, dear boy? They should use lead so it’s black, like your beautiful furs.


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