Ockham’s Razor And The Garage Door Noise.

There we were…It is an old garage door with an odd noise. Just like me, the door was showing is age with creeks and groans. The door was making strange sounds, also like some yours truly.

Jonah poses while Wyatt focuses on thr garage.

The question what was to be done to fix the vintage mechanism? Did we need to call in an garage door expert? Should we avoid opening and closing the door? There were a number of possible solutions.

In the end, Oakum’s Razor pointed to the correct answer, to wit:

If you have two theories that both explain the gathered facts, then you should use the simplest until more evidence is developed.”

Simple Mix –
SlyStone, Juzz, Slackers, KebMo, GrahamNash

. . .or in the present garage door noise issue…

…a bit of well placed oil. It was that simple.

SOURCE: What Is Ockumms Razor, math.ucr.edu. Retrieved 1 June 2019. ; Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. California: Stanford ; Ockham’s Razor: A Historical and Philosophical Analysis of Ockham’s Principle of Parsimony. Champaign-Urbana, University of Illinois.

4 thoughts on “Ockham’s Razor And The Garage Door Noise.

  1. Oil. Of course. Makes me think of oil and vinegar. Vinegar’s over ripe wine, right? Ergo, makes me think of wine. Maybe when I get home tonight….Thanks for the suggestion.

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