Our Very Own Le Mans Start…every meal time.

Since the race’s inaugural meeting in 1923, tradition dictated a standing start. This later became known as a ‘Le Mans start’, and involved drivers lining their cars up along the pit wall in the order they qualified in. Racers would then have to stand on the opposite side of the track.

When the French Tricolor flag dropped the drivers would have to sprint to their cars, strap themselves in and begin racing.

This practice stopped in 1970 due to safety concerns raised by organisers and drivers. The problem involved a new piece of safety equipment namely the harness which was beginning to become commonplace in racing. Currently, the start looks different…..

It occurred to me that meal time for Wyatt and Jonah is similar to the vintage Le Mans Start. Aa there s the line up at the end of the kitchen as bowls are filled….

…then we say “OK” (since a French flag seems too much). The dogs run to the other end of the kitchen (across from the pit lane, here the refrigerator) and…

…and THE RACE IS ON..La course est lancée !

4 thoughts on “Our Very Own Le Mans Start…every meal time.

  1. HaHa!I enjoyed this. Our little dog jumps up toward the bowl when it is being carried out to the place where she eats. She is not as big as Jonah or Wyatt however!

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    1. We have traditional tried to have our dogs wait while we fix their bowls. Not always successfully. I’ve noted your little guy on the goat trail. He is sweet.

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  2. Love it! I have 4 dogs, and as I set each bowl on the floor in front of the correct dog, I say, “Wait.” They wait, with the schnauzer’s nose 1/2 inch from the food. Until I say, “Free!” Then the race is on!

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