Dogs, The Present, The Future, and The WrongSide of the Door.

“A door is what a dog is perpetually on the wrong side of.”
― Ogden Nash, The Private Dining-room and Other Verses

Jonah and Wyatt would agree with Ogden Nash. In this instance, Wyatt will be headed to obedience practice. Jonah, on the other hand (or other paw) will be bound for the store. Perhaps this future destination is the fact which makes the present side of the door as the WRONG side.

Alternatively, Jonah and Wyatt may be thinking in the present NOW. This side is the wrong side because they HOPE for something better on the other side. Even if they do not think about what comes next, then it seems clear they are presently happy.

Either way, Wyatt and Jonah provide a grand example that it is possible to be presently confident that the future will be better.

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