A Dramatic, And Comic, Exit with Dogs.

It seemed like a simple task, namely leaving the house with Jonah while leaving the other dogs, Gavin and Wyatt, in the house. The exit would be made by going downstairs through the basement. Jonah would be busy guiding John while Gavin and Wyatt would be busy snacking on treats.

The operation began with Wyatt charging downstairs. As usual, Wyatt figured that any activity must include him.

Gavin and Jonah were left at thr top of the stairs.. They wondered about competence.


There was an effort to re-organize. I made an effort to gain some semblance of control.

Disorder continued as Wyatt invited Gavin and Jonah downstairs as he was convinced that they all were leaving the house.


Next, the chaos persisted…

…Gavin stayed by Jonah’s side as Wyatt ran back upstairs.

Next, all three dogs were back together at the top of the stairs.


Finally, organization was restored with…

…Gavin joining Gavin upstairs, and…

….Jonah by himself and ready to depart.

I reflected that this exiting performance had been in the theatre, then it would have been review as both a drama and comedy. Time for Jonah and me to exit “stage left” through the basement door.

11 thoughts on “A Dramatic, And Comic, Exit with Dogs.

  1. Reading this strikes me that a dog ruled life is a well ruled life, just comparing to presidents, facebook (sorry meta) and all such. But then, I live a Herbert the Cat ruled life, which is so extraordinarily intelligent, (not me. Herbert). Let’s have your dogs rule the country, and my cat take over facebook (sorry meta). We would all sleep so much better. Except of course for people who don’t like cats or dogs.

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    1. Thank you so much for your thought-filled comments. I agree with you that we would do much better with a world which pays attention to our animals.


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