A Black Dog, A Black Bear, and A Black Night.

Once there was…

…a recent evening when a neighbourhood walk yielded a surprising (though unseen) encounter.


It seemed like a safe excursion even though in darkness. We were on familiar streets.

I was wearing a visible jacket and accompanied by Jonah, my trusted guide dog. Jonah was doing well.


A vehicle stopped next to me as Jonah was guiding me to the curb near the cross street. The driver yelled, “There is a bear right across the street from you! Do you see it?

I answered, “No, I don’t see it. I’m blind. Where is the bear?” The driver replied, “I’m pointing at it. Right there!” At which point the vehicle drove off.


I was sure the bear and Jonah had better eyesight than me. I assumed they could see each other. I was the only one in the dark.

Jonah was cool under pressure with no adverse reaction to the bruin’s presence. Following a calm command of “Jonah, left turn” we vacated the area.


The evening proved that a valued guide dog can withstand and “bear” any surprise.

8 thoughts on “A Black Dog, A Black Bear, and A Black Night.

  1. Wow! Good job to both you and Jonah!

    What an idiot the person was, though kind to stop to tell you…. “I’m pointing right at it” is NOT what you tell someone who has just told you they are blind.

    See you this afternoon!



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