A Black Dog, A Black Bear, and A Black Night.

Once there was…

…a recent evening when a neighbourhood walk yielded a surprising (though unseen) encounter.


It seemed like a safe excursion even though in darkness. We were on familiar streets.

I was wearing a visible jacket and accompanied by Jonah, my trusted guide dog. Jonah was doing well.


A vehicle stopped next to me as Jonah was guiding me to the curb near the cross street. The driver yelled, “There is a bear right across the street from you! Do you see it?

I answered, “No, I don’t see it. I’m blind. Where is the bear?” The driver replied, “I’m pointing at it. Right there!” At which point the vehicle drove off.


I was sure the bear and Jonah had better eyesight than me. I assumed they could see each other. I was the only one in the dark.

Jonah was cool under pressure with no adverse reaction to the bruin’s presence. Following a calm command of “Jonah, left turn” we vacated the area.


The evening proved that a valued guide dog can withstand and “bear” any surprise.

8 thoughts on “A Black Dog, A Black Bear, and A Black Night.

  1. WOW! That was an interesting encounter. The driver was clearly a person of slender intelligence. That is the kindest thing I can say about him. Good boy Jonah!

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