Pay Attention To Tide Cycle and People Location

We were just happy to get to dry land.

Our week included an humiliating episode with a incoming tide. We have been walking this wetlands locale with the dogs for many years. A couple of days ago we returned for a lovely moment in the sunshine. The dogs were having a grand time. We sat on an old log to take in the joy of the moment. We had forgotten to check the tide table before we left home. This is normally part of our routine though we forgot on this particular day.

             As luck would have it, as we got ready to leave, we realized that our return route to the road was cut off by water.  Our enchanting occasion had be interrupted by the gravitational pull of the moon. The tide had advanced and the water deepened. There really was no danger. We were able to extricate ourselves without having to call in the Coast Guard.  However, we got very wet up to our knees as we forded the stream.  Fortunately, nobody saw us, our pride was salvaged, and the dogs were just glad to get back to dry land…as were we.

The life lessons here pay attention to the tide cycle, and if you are a dog keep track of your people.

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