Socializing and Computer Repair with the Boys in the Apple Band.

Abbey Road Studios
The boys in the band from Apple Records.

         Socializing can be a rare commodity during the covid19 pandemic and this “hunkering down mandate.”  Yes, the gang at home will listen to me though there is only so much that I can reasonably expect them to take.  After all, they tolerate my mess and music, and the added task of having to hear me rabbiting on all day just might be a bridge too far.

Last week I discovered that a long-distance communication can be a strangely satisfying social occasion.  My Apple ipad developed a software problem.  A telephone call to the Apple “ help line” resulted in a lengthy and fulfilling discussion with the gang at Apple.  The primary reason for placing the call was over-coming the software malfunction.  Not only did I discover the permanent answer to my non-functioning tablet, I also found a temporary solution to non-socializing status.

Of course, talking on the phone with an unknown Apple technician who is thousands of miles away is not a full substitute for in-person conversation with a friend.  Yet, the phone conversation with the Apple posse from the Help Desk was pleasant.  I was both educated and entertained.  It was sort of like hanging out joining my mates on the front step with the band from Apple.  The Apple Help Desk “technician band” made “hunkering down” a bit easier.  The best part is that the computer got fixed.





7 thoughts on “Socializing and Computer Repair with the Boys in the Apple Band.

  1. I had a similar experience talking with a helpful person at an investment company. She not only answered my question but also taught me a new way to do something on my computer and spent an hour with me while I completed a transaction. Aren’t most people wonderful. Best to you and Sandy.

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  2. This afternoon we were walking down our road when a man in a pickup truck stopped and asked my husband if his hat was from Nunavut. My husband laughed and said, not exactly but it was made from a pattern of Nunavut knitted hats and had been given to him by a friend. We chatted away and he told us his daughter lives in the far north.Turns out my husband had been to the place she lives in and he told the man a funny story about his visit there. Before QV 19 the man would probably have been in a hurry to get where he was going and would not even have noticed my husband’s hat But now he stopped, rolled down the window and we chatted at the side of the road for several minutes.

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    1. Wonderful moment which you both enjoyed. I would like to think that maybe we are learning that we could all socialize a bit more….even in normal times. ps..thanks for commenting.

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  3. I usually dread those kinds of calls, but you’ve given me hope. I will not hesitate to call the Apple Help Desk if needed. What a fun photo of the boys sitting on the steps! :)

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