British Are Coming and House On Fire: James Madison, born 1751 March 16th

Gavin and Wyatt join Pres. James Madison in the unburied White House

JAMES MADISON NON-AIR PLAYLIST 3/16: A man of small stature, called the “Father of the Constitution”, President during the War of 1812 when the White House was set ablaze by the British army, and who initiated the Whig party, was born on this day 1751.

Non-Air Playlist: Consider the following…

His Name: “Madison Blues” ~ George Thorogood and the Destroyers

Small stature: “Little Lion Man” ~ Munford and Sons

Father of the Constitution: “Rocking Daddy” ~ Howling Wolf

The War of 1812: “Coming Back Again” ~ Kings of Leon

White House fire: “Burning Down the House” ~ Robert Plant

The British left: “I’m Leavin’ Now” ~ Johnny Cash / Merle Haggard

Political Party founder: “Give Me Back My Wig” ~ Luther Allison

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