Goodbye, Gavin (The Gastineau Outlaw): 2008 to 2021 “Rest In Peace”

His life with us began as a puppy and would go on to include…

…Chasing squirrels in the woods,

…Herding waves on the beach,

…Running on the wetlands as jet airlines approach the airport,

…Barking at the UPS delivery van,

…Escorting neighbors as they walked on the sidewalk,

…Gaining some success in kennel club obedience trials,

…Hiking on muddy or icy trails without complaint,

…Walking on sidewalks when his humans wanted exercise,

…Giving kisses (also know as “smackers”) whenever he was asked,

…Continuing to try and never giving up,


…Being an inspiration to and old guy like me on how to age.

After Thirteen Years of being a Good Dog as a member of our family, today we said Goodbye. “Rest In Peace”

17 thoughts on “Goodbye, Gavin (The Gastineau Outlaw): 2008 to 2021 “Rest In Peace”

  1. This is such a lovely, loving tribute.

    Our thoughts are with you this morning, when we suppose you will be automatically looking about for what three dogs are up to….



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  2. So sorry to hear that the elder of the pack has passed on. I’m sure you’ll miss him a lot. xo, j & g

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