Jump Jive and Boogie Woogie: It is National Dance Day 2019


Created in 2010 by American Dance Movement co-founder, Nigel Lythgoe, and Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, National Dance Day is an annual festivity devoted to dance, that inspires Americans of all ages to incorporate dance into their lives. By generating a intensive day of carnival to show backing for dance as a valuable form of exercise and of artistic expression, American Dance Movement aims to educate the public about dance and its many benefits, as well as make dance accessible and inclusive to everyone.

American Dance Movement (ADM) trusts that sharing in dance joins the mind and body, encourages health and wellbeing, links us with others and enables us to find joy through dance and movement. National Dance Day (NDD) is a day of celebrating dance, in all its forms, and takes place annually on the third Saturday in September.

3 thoughts on “Jump Jive and Boogie Woogie: It is National Dance Day 2019

      1. Yes! Many people say dressage, my discipline, is horse dancing. When we do the Freestyles , which are choreographed to music it really is dancing. I am doing a freestyle at a show next weekend. It will be the first time for Biasini and me. I will post a video after the show so you can see it.

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