Around The World Cruise and Steve Fossett (1944.04.22)


An adventurer who set more than 100 world records, among them five circumnavigations of the globe, straining the limits of planes, boats and balloons. Steve Fossett was born on this date 1944.  His road trips were extreme and you are invited to road records on Crosscurrents, 4/22 at 8 am.

Steve Fossett set 116 records in five sports, 60 of which remain to this day. Below are some of them
• Between 1993 and 2004, he set 23 official world records in speed sailing

• In 2002, he became the first person to fly around the world alone and non-stop in a balloon, covering 19,428 miles

• As skipper with a 13-member crew, he beat the round-the-world sailing record in 2004, completing the voyage in 59 days and nine hours

• In 2005, he made his first solo non-stop, non-refuelled global circumnavigation in a single-engine plane. There was no refuelling for 67 hours

• In 2006, he broke the record for the longest flight, spending nearly 77 hours in the air and covering more than 25,000 miles


One thought on “Around The World Cruise and Steve Fossett (1944.04.22)

  1. I guess I share a birthday and Earth Day with this guy, interesting. (Different year) I also enjoyed your Willie Nelson post, another April birthday. I’m just catching on that you note that on each post. Sleep deprivation does that. :-)


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