World Plumbing Day (2017.03.11)


World Plumbing Day is an international event, initiated by the World Plumbing Council, held on 11 March each year to recognise the important role plumbing plays in societal health and amenity.

        A show for us all the pay tribute to sanitation, and indoor hot water.

Tune in “Walking (or Flushing) The Blues Away” on 3/11 at 5 pm Alaska time.   see KRNN Radio


4 thoughts on “World Plumbing Day (2017.03.11)

  1. How appropriate for us with our new toilets and other assorted improvements in our plumbing. I’m putting it on my calendar right now. xo, j

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  2. John, you are truly brilliant! I will be most happy to celebrate my plumber with whom my house has a very close relationship.


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